That’s all Folks!

a creation by  Damiano Ottavio Bigi & Alessandra Paoletti

with Damiano Ottavio BigiChing-Ying ChienIssue ParkFaith Prendergast

sound design David Blouin l

ighting design Lucien Laborderie

set and costumes in collaboration with Tzela Christopoulou

set constructor Marios Karaolis

materials in collaboration with the dancers

co-produced by  Festival Equilibrio Roma, FRITZ Company, Compagnia Simona Bucci/Degli Istanti, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le arti performative / PARC Performing Arts Research Centre  supported by Pina Bausch Zentrum, 2WORKS/Dimitris Papaioannou, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Colonia in collaboration with NID Platform, CHATHA Lyon, Centro di Residenza della Toscana (Armunia – CapoTrave / Kilowatt)

Special thanks to Dimitris Papaioannou for his precious and generous support.
Thanks also to Tina Papanikolau, Nikos Dragonas, Bettina Milz, Aicha M’Barek & Hafiz Dhaou, Gerarda Ventura, Alessandra Stanghini.

“We would like to go as far as the very boundaries of the principle of materiality by investigating the energetic and relational dimension of its most microscopic parts, where what is a “part”, a minimal component of a vaster material whole, is connected to the idea of a “whole” governed by the same rules.”

[eng] That’s All Folks! is conceived as an ideal continuation of our previous work, Un Discreto Protagonista, in a path that continues to get dance, science and myth to engage in dialogue. And if Un Discreto Protagonista was based on the origin of the universe, the physical and astronomical processes linked to it and which have been translated into myth, this new creation shifts the attention to the arrival of man in the history of the universe, or rather the relationship between man and the cosmos.

It is a work that, on the one hand sets the objective of investigating the nature of perception and time, questioning the distinction between reality, perception, and representation. On the other hand, it seek a connection with something ancestral, with the rhythm of the environment surrounding us through the study of ancient rituals and cultures that sink their roots into distant past and still emanate echoes of those mythological, astronomical and geometrical visions that permeated them.

[ita] That’s All Folks! nasce come prosecuzione ideale del nostro precedente lavoro, Un Discreto Protagonista, in un percorso che continua a mettere in dialogo danza, scienza e mito. E se Un Discreto Protagonista si basava sull’origine dell’universo, e su quei processi fisici e astronomici ad essa legati e che si sono tradotti in mito, questa nuova creazione sposta l’attenzione sull’arrivo dell’uomo nella storia dell’universo, o meglio sul rapporto tra uomo e cosmo.

E’ un lavoro che, da una parte si pone l’obiettivo di indagare la natura della percezione del tempo, mettendo in discussione la distinzione tra realtà, percezione e rappresentazione, dall’altra cerca una connessione con qualcosa di ancestrale , con il ritmo dell’ambiente che ci circonda attraverso lo studio di rituali antichi e di culture che affondano le proprie radici in un passato remoto, e che tutt’oggi emanano echi di quelle visioni mitologiche, astronomiche e geometriche di cui erano permeate.

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22 FEBRUARY 2024
That’s All Folks! 
World premiere
Auditorium Parco della Musica Rome, ITALY
That’s All Folks! 
Florence, ITALY

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« A bit of irony, some playfulness, a flavour of American country music and a portion of visual poetry are the main ingredients of That’s All Folks by Fritz Company (dancer and choreographer Damiano Ottavio Bigi and director Alessandra Paoletti). While the slogan That’s all Folks clearly signals the end of Looney Tunes episodes, here each ending forms the beginning of a new situation. With minimal scenography and an atmospheric light design, the scenes, connected through smooth transitions, evoke natural and emotional landscapes, outer and inner, palpable and oneiric, a universe inhabited by a multicultural cast originating from different parts of the world – Asia, United States, Italy. The performers sit around a white ring like silent spectators at a play; the light paints a rising ‘black hole’ in the colour of a pinkish full moon and casts reflections of sea waves on the performers. Mary Wigman’s Witch Dance seems to be resurrected in a solo for Taiwanese dancer Ching-Ying Chien. In That’s All Folks, geometry, cosmology and form become a pretext to refer to something personal that resonates differently with each of us – an echo of the enigmatic visual and movement language of Pina Bausch or Dimitris Papaioannou, with whom Bigi has collaborated in the past. »

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